You can always access the CashDash game within the mobile app.

To play:

  • Open the CashDash app.
  • Tap the floating game image located at the top right-hand corner of the map, or tap the CashDash menu.
  • You’ll automatically enter the game dashboard If you’ve already joined the game. If you haven’t, tap Join Game.
  • If you have no funds in your CashDash account, tap the Account tab on the app’s navigation bar, and top some up for you to withdraw later.
  • Navigate to the first CashDash location by tapping the relevant location name on the CashDash game dashboard.
  • When you locate the participating ATM, tap ATM Access.
  • Tap the CashDash menu on the ATM screen, enter your phone number, as registered on the CashDash app’s ATM access screen, and the ATM access code generated by the app.
  • Withdraw at least 50 GBP as fast as you possibly can.
  • You’ll receive notification that you have successfully checked in at the first CashDash location, and that you may continue on to the next one.
  • When you’re done withdrawing cash at all participating locations, share your score on social media to finish the game.
  • You’ll be able to view other CashDash gamers’ scores on the game dashboard. Be sure to play again to boost your chances of landing the grand prize!