CashDash is no less than a revolution in global currency exchange, cash transfers and payments.
The CashDash app transforms your mobile device into a virtual exchange booth, enabling fast and easy cash transactions – anywhere, at any time, and at the best possible rates.

With CashDash, you can avoid any hassle of having to deal with foreign currencies when traveling.
Forget about the cost and trouble of exchanging cash at home, remembering to order and carry a prepaid card around with you, or performing repeat cash exchanges at airports along your way.
CashDash is here to spare you all of that!

Simply download the app and, in under 30 seconds, you’ll be able to order cash, locate CashDash ATMs and withdraw as much as you like,
24/7. The CashDash app will even let you send cash to friends.
Just log into the app, choose the recipient and the amount you want to send,
and he or she will easily be able to withdraw that cash from any of thousands of CashDash ATMs.